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NDIA Design Hub

Members of the Brotherhood LAC team collaborating on a shared work top at the NDIA Design Hub in Geelong.

Members of the Brotherhood LAC team are currently hard at work at the NDIA Design Hub in Geelong, assisting in the Participant Pathway Review program.

The Participant Pathway Review program aimed to produce a new pathway that would improve the experience participants have with the NDIS.

Across a period of four weeks, the aim of the Design Hub is to identify and build all the work flows, resource materials and tools for the upcoming pathway pilot in Victoria East and Victoria North.

Brotherhood LAC, Laura Heffernan, who was based at the Design Hub for two weeks, believes it was a valuable experience.

“I’m impressed with the Design Hub. There’s such a sense of enthusiasm in the room and shared excitement about making changes to create a better NDIS experience for participants.”

Alongside Laura, other Brotherhood staff members assisting in the Pathway Review have included Senior Manager, Malitha Perera and Senior LAC, Lisa Marson.

Other teams present at the Design Hub included: Latrobe Community Health Services, regional Service Delivery, Pathway Resources, Participant Change Management, Process Mapping, Communications, Learning and Development, Actuary, Business Intelligence and ICT.

In addition to the pilots in Victoria East and Victoria North, a Design Hub is expected to be used to test more specialised elements of the pathway in other regions in future pilots.

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