Two parents and their two young children are sitting on a couch reading information together on an iPad.

The early childhood approach can help you to get information and access to supports if you have concerns about your child’s development.The early childhood approach aims to help your child join in daily activities and participate in your community.Our specialist early childhood team will also let you know about other services in your community that may be able to support you.

Accessing our services

The early childhood approach supports children younger than 9 with developmental delay or disability in the North-East Melbourne, Hume Merri-bek, Western Melbourne, Brimbank Melton and Bayside Peninsula areas.

 Our BSL early childhood team:

  • Support children younger than 6 who have:
    • a permanent disability
    • developmental delay
    • developmental concerns
  • Offer early supports for children under 6 with developmental concerns.
  • Offer support through early connections for children aged 6-8 with developmental delay and who are not eligible for NDIS funded supports.
  • Support families of children younger than 9 with a permanent disability to apply for NDIS access if this is what they want to do.

Our team will:

  • Have a conversation with you to understand what would support your child and family.
  • Provide early connections that may include:
    • Connecting you to services and activities in your community such as playgroups, health services, childcare.
    • Giving you information to help you understand more about your child’s development.
    • Offering you early supports if your child is younger than 6 with developmental concerns. Our team can work with you to support the goals you have for your child in everyday activities.
    • Helping you to apply for the NDIS if your child is eligible and this is what you would like to do.

Learn more about Early Connections:

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