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Hearing Awareness Week 2017

This week is Hearing Awareness Week from 20 – 26 August 2017. Hearing Awareness Week is Australia’s annual event to raise community awareness of deafness and ways to protect your hearing.

On Sunday 20 August, BSL LAC presented at the Healthy Hearing Expo which was held at the Abbotsford Convent. Local Area Coordinators Pia Wakefield and Michael Parremore met with deaf and hard of hearing people and service providers and provided information about the NDIS and other services provided by the Brotherhood. The Healthy Hearing Expo is coordinated by Deafness Foundation as part of the National Hearing Awareness week activities.

A man and a woman standing at an NDIS display.

One in six Australians is deaf or hard of hearing or has a chronic ear disorder. For these 3.5 million Australians, there are more possibilities than ever before to be included in all aspects of community and business life, and they are ready! What is needed now is for the rest of the community and business to catch up and take the opportunity to give deaf and hard of hearing people a fair go.

Employers have more support than ever to make their workplace inclusive and accessible for Australians with a hearing loss.

Deaf and hard of hearing Australians are ready and willing, and able to be supported via the NDIS.

Visit the Hearing Awareness Week website to find out more.

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