We are continuing to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and taking necessary steps to minimise the risk to our participants, staff members and the community.

In line with the Australian Government’s increased measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, our Brotherhood of St Laurence NDIS offices will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice, however, if you require a face-to-face service, our staff will conduct a risk assessment and then provide the service that is needed, if we determine that we can safely do so.

Our services will also continue over the phone, via email and Skype.

Do you have a meeting already booked?

If you have a face-to-face meeting booked with our team, please contact us directly by calling 1300 275 634 or emailing ndis.info@bsl.org.au and we will change this to a phone meeting. If it is essential for you to continue with a face-to-face meeting, our team will conduct a risk assessment before we continue with a face-to-face service.

Our services

We will be continuing to provide services throughout this period and whilst community restrictions are in place. We encourage people to contact us via phone or email:

Contact our Local Area Coordinator (LAC) team

Phone: 1300 275 634
Email: ndis.info@bsl.org.au

Contact our Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) team (0-6 years)

Phone: 1300 275 323
Email: ECEI.access@bsl.org.au

If you are experiencing trouble finding services and need assistance, we are still available to help. Please contact your LAC or Early Childhood Coordinator (ECC) directly, or call our office on either 1300 275 634 or 1300 275 323 for our ECEI team.

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