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Kyle’s story

School camp is a special time for most kids, it’s often the first experience of adventure and independence away from home.

This excitement wasn’t always the case for 11 year old Kyle who has autism spectrum disorder.

Struggling to sleep on his own and experiencing regular discomfort, Kyle relied heavily on his mum and dad each night.

With school camp coming up in 4 weeks, Kyle was growing increasingly anxious about attending camp without his parents and questioned whether he would be able to attend at all.

The family were after long-term solutions.

An eleven year old boy in a yellow hat, sitting on a swing After their NDIS planning meeting with the Brotherhood, Local Area Coordinator Louise Pearson assisted Kyle’s parents to connect with an Occupational Therapist who really understood the needs of the family and communicated wonderfully with Kyle.

Thanks to recommendations made by the OT, the family were able to purchase low-risk bedding equipment, including a bed-stocking, which applies comfortable pressure on the body necessary for Kyle to sleep.

This equipment proved life changing for Kyle, who now no longer had to miss out on attending school camp.

Kyle’s mother Kendra couldn’t be happier with the progress made, saying that Kyle happily attended camp and was able to sleep through the night.

“He stayed there all through camp. There were no calls home to come and get him.”

“We are so overwhelmingly proud of him. The NDIS has made goals that once seemed impossible now achievable.”

Kyle can now sleep comfortably in his own bed and can look forward to other school trips with his friends in the future.

The support of Kyle’s Local Area Coordinator allowed him to be linked with the appropriate professionals who were able to make a real difference for the family.

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