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Changing Places

The Darebin City Council is planning to build four Changing Places in Darebin over the next four years. They are seeking feedback from the community about Changing Places and whether they would be helpful in Darebin.

What are Changing Places?

Changing Places are larger than standard accessible toilets, and have extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with a disability and their carers.

How is it different to a standard accessible toilet?

A standard accessible toilet is designed for independent use by an individual and does not contain the features required by many people with severe or profound disabilities.

Image of an accessible bathroom

What do Changing Places facilities include?

Changing Places toilets are designed for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. Each changing place facility has:

  • a height adjustable, adult-sized changing bench;
  • a tracking hoist system;
  • space for two or more people; and
  • is a safer and cleaner environment than using the floor of other public restrooms.

How do Changing Places Facilities benefit the community?

Changing Place will support the 326,400 Victorians, with high support needs to participate in their local community and access recreational attractions, parks, community spaces, entertainment and sporting venues. One in five Darebin residents have identified as having a permanent or long-term disability (Darebin Household Survey, 2014).

Lack of appropriate toileting facilities are a fundamental barrier to social inclusion, and can prevent people from accessing community spaces and activities.

You can complete the survey on the City of Darebin website.

The survey is also available in hard copy by contacting Katherine Kiley on 8470 8315 or at

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